Gout , Papaya & Green Tea Leave.

This is a really effective, just mix green papaya cubes to the ordinary green tea,my cousin brother tried and found it very effective. I have also shared with a friend with gout to try this (his “toe joints” started to deform), after a week of drinking this formula there is significant improvement, after two weeks the toe joints heal and revert to normal state. It is almost three years now, the joint pain is gone, but he maintain the intake between 1-3 times monthly to avoid relapse.

Other friends suffering from years of gout problem have also recovered. It is good for all, even those without gout.
Good formula! Do share with the people in need!

An improved sequence by Professor Lai from the China School of Pharmacy :

Cut green papaya into small cubes, place into the water, bring to boil, then add green tea leaves, similar to the tea-making process.
Clinical tests show that this brings better effects for treatment of gout, subject to frequent drinking of this formula.

Mr Liu Qing, Chief of the Rende Town in Tainan, was suffering for years from severe stomach pain around the posterior wall of stomach. He used green papaya as a tea pot to prepare the family tea daily, after a month his chronic disease condition was much improved. His family members with high uric acid were also healed by the same papaya tea. For this Mr Liu planted a lot of papaya to share with relatives and friends with similar sickness.

According to Mr Liu, in selection of the Green Papaya as tea pot, pick those whose shape are fat and short, with larger capacity. Cut off the top part of the papaya, clear away the seeds, open a small hole at the upper side wall to facilitate pouring of tea. Create a small ventilation hole at top cover, put in the tea leaves,  pour in boiling water, place the top cover back to papaya, you may use the toothpicks to secure the top cover. Similar to normal process of preparing tea.

Liu like to use Oolong tea as the taste is good. He was pleasantly surprised that the stomach pains he suffered for many years was healed after a month of drinking tea from the green papaya pot, without taking any other medication. He passed some green papaya leaves to a friend who worked at a Medical Center to test and analyse the content. The tests confirmed that healthy the enzyme present in papaya is beneficial to human health. Now as papaya in Mr Liu’s orchard is yeilding suitable size fruit, he would share the fruits with family and friends.

Xu Fuchang, an experienced papaya farmers, the green papaya refers to papaya that is not ripe, where the skin is still green in colour. Generally, the papaya takes about four months to fully mature and ripe, but there healing effect would be lost after it is fully ripe. Green Papaya should be harvested when the papaya is approximately three months old, when the fruit is still firm, and the  “papaya milk” contains high papaya enzyme and other healthy ingredients. Not only the green papaya can be used in tea drinking, you may also cut them into cubes, and boil with the ribs, or even slicing the green papaya into fine long pieces and fried with garlic, very tasty, and no adverse effects on the human body.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Article source : Circulated email.


5 responses to “Gout , Papaya & Green Tea Leave.

  1. Gout arthritis in fact must be considered a horrifying problem, my own grand daddy is suffering from it for quite a few years now. It is extremely nerve-wracking for me, finding a loved relative experience pain attacks over and over again. Following an appropriate food plan with the goal of prevention and making use of the most effective therapy is something I consider a necessity. I would encourage everyone who is currently noticing the first indications of gout to by any means take this absolutely serious. Better consult a doctor better sooner than later and correct your diet regime to prevent the outbreak of the disease. It is definitely no fun! Look for sensible therapies and stay clear of high purine meals, alcoholic beverages and the like for prophylaxis!

  2. do i have to peel the green papaya or not? Because in the process of boiling papaya cubes, it’s not specified whether to have it peeled. Thanks.

  3. I think that if the papaya milk contains high papaya enzyme and other healthy ingredients and since the enzyme is in the milk you must use it with the green skin

  4. Is there any specific recipe for this? … say 10 cubes of green papaya to a tea bag of green tea leaves? steeped for 5 mins (as it’s following the normal tea prep ).

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    I may as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking at your web page repeatedly.

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